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Prodata SQL Academy Events

If you haven’t seen them advertised, Bob Duffy from Prodata is running a series of SQL Academy half day training session in Dublin, hosted at the Microsoft Auditorium in their offices in Leopardstown – the events are level 300 which suits the half day slot allocated for the sessions – yesterday’s was about performance tuning an optimisation so myself and a colleague took a short flight over and enjoyed the excellent Irish hospitality. The talk was recorded so there will no doubt be a webcast published at some point published by Technet in Ireland. The talk primarily went through using perfmon counters and wait states – and the available tools that can make this a lot easier by wrapping up and correlating results from different logging mechanisms.

I would recommend keeping an eye out for the cast when it appears, since troubleshooting a production environment is all about using non-intrusive means to understand what is crippling the systems – memory, cpu, IO etc. If you are not practised at this form of troubleshooting it is very difficult to know which performance counters and wait states to observe amongst the thousands that exist – as well as which DMV’s can give you the critical information to diagnose the problems. (It was quite interesting that the demonstration performance issue he was looking at was fundamentally a combination of a missing index but more critically was a lack of query parameterisation since it was in simple mode. The counters used to diagnose this problem, and the symptoms that you might encounter I have previously written about.)

The wait-state side of the talk was very interesting, I often use a combination of DMV’s and perfmon in the field to diagnose, but have only used a certain amount of the wait-state information and do not delve into it as deeply – I will definitely be adding a few more wait states to the list for the future.

The next event is on February 16th and covers SQL Analysis Services – registration is already open.

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